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Our business model provides world-class software and hardware as a service with end to end installation, maintenance, and support.
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Smarta Industrial is at the forefront of advanced technological design. Our highly skilled team collaborate with one another to imagine, design and develop technologies. We focus on what you need, when you need it but we also spend time working on the applications you aren't even aware you need yet!
What we do

SaaS & HaaS

Our business model provides world-class software and hardware as a service with end to end installation, maintenance, and support. Our technology is incredibly advanced and is in constant development. We want to ensure that we are always providing the very best solution in the market.
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Everything from our UX to our customer support is second-to-none. We have developed every aspect of each portal, product and process with the end user in mind. Our technology may be advanced and world-class but our customer service is impeccable. We look forward to working with you and your team to provide the best solution on the market.

As industry leaders, we are focused on driving innovation and solving problems every single day.

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The development, production and implementation of new ideas is often a complex logistical nightmare. Coordinating different suppliers and contractors can be a headache and lead to serious problems later on. At Smarta Industrial we take care of everything from design, to implementation, to technical support. We bring ideas to life, whilst ensuring every detail has been attended to.
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Our Hardware

At SmartaIndustrial we have developed some of the most cutting-edge hardware on the market. Our meticulous design, quality parts and local assembly allow us to ensure our quality is always of the highest standard. To discuss what we can do for you or to get more information on our current product range, please get in touch today!

Current Smarta Applications

Remote Monitoring

Designed specifically for the agricultural industry to provide remote monitoring and control for agri-business operators.

Monitor Assets

The SmartaTrans application provides Logistics operators with access and control of assets when coupled with the SI Multi Control unit to provide industry leading operational control, access, flexibility, and visibility.

Monitor Water Efficiency

Smartawater provide Water Utility operators with better control over their network and it’s use with specifically developed and patented portable metering devices that are provided with cloud based software.

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