Making milk collection logistics safer: a Smarta Industrial collaboration with NTI

Smarta Industrial is proud to announce an industry collaboration with Australia’s leading supplier of specialist insurance for heavy commercial vehicle owners and operators – National Transport Insurance(NTI).

Recently, NTI launched their Spilt Milk initiative (see more:, which is designed to reduce the crash frequency of dairy tankers across Australia. This project is currently funded by the federal government through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative. Although this project is still very much underway a lot of findings have already been uncovered. Most profoundly, the data which shows how much more likely milk tankers are to be involved in a serious crash vs. other freight tankers. For a quick look at the numbers, roughly 2.4 more times likely.

NTI have set out to better understand exactly why this occurs, but more importantly how we can reduce the likelihood of this happening and the steps can we take to make the roads safer for dairy tanker operators as well as everyone else on the roads.
Smarta Industrial is the only Australian manufacturer and supplier of advanced milk tanker control solutions with impressive safety results already occurring from adoption of their technology.

“The farm milk collection operation is probably one of the most, if not the most difficult continuous logistics operations. From constant changing conditions to operations in regional and remote locations largely on unsealed roads, to high degree of specialized operators handling raw food product with strict cooling requirements, the operator needs as much help as possible.” comments Ashley Jensen the CEO and Founder of Smarta Industrial.

“That is where we have focused our technology solutions for the dairy logistics industry, making the complicated simple. From automating the tanker fill control to ensure the correct weight distribution, to automating milk sampling, to automating data flows to eliminate driver manual inputs, this allows operators to just focus on the important safety tasks. The feedback from operators in extreme environments has been impressive with a number commenting how stable the truck and combination are on the road compared to previous units” says Ashley.

Smarta Industrial will be collaborating with NTI and industry partners to reduce dairy tanker rollovers and improve road safety by working with drivers, fleet managers, consignors and experts. With Australian based expertise in solution design, manufacture, and solution delivery in advanced mechanical, electronic and software, Smarta Industrial is well placed to provide a valuable contribution a successful project outcome.